Vaccination Posters

Our Vaccination Promotion Posters show people from all over the world, men and woman and address cultural differences. Unique printable COVID-19 posters that will help to promote vaccination against the Coronavirus!

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Showing 1–12 of 204 results

Showing 1–12 of 204 results

The unique design of our Vaccination Promotion Posters

Our Vaccination Promotion Posters will help to promote vaccination against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition, the Vaccination Promotion Posters show people from all over the world, addressing gender, culture, and religion. In this way, it is easier for people to identify themselves with the characters shown on the posters. So, you can choose the preferred design of signs or posters for your own region. After making a choice in our webshop, you can download the sign or poster, print it, and immediately place it on a highly visible place in your establishment. With this you create awareness for customers, visitors, and employees of the importance of being vaccinated against COVID-19.

Why is vaccination important?

COVID-19 vaccines are medicines that prevent diseases caused by the coronavirus by triggering an immune response. So safe and effective vaccines for COVID-19 are needed to protect individuals from becoming ill. This is particularly important for healthcare professionals and vulnerable populations such as older people and people with long-term diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic is a global crisis, with devastating health, social and economic impacts. COVID-19 can cause severe disease and even death. It has unknown long-term consequences in people of all ages, including healthy people. Fortunately, COVID-19 vaccines help people develop immunity to the Coronavirus. These vaccines introduce a less harmful part of the virus into a person’s body. The body’s immune system develops antibodies that fight the Coronavirus and prevent the person from getting sick from it, when being exposed to the real coronavirus. Later, if the person encounters that virus again, their immune system can recognize it and remember how to fight it off.

More signs

In addition to our Vaccination Posters we also have Vaccination Signs. Our Rapid test, Antigen test, PCR test, Corona test and COVID-19 Test Required Signs show that a negative COVID-19 test is mandatory. Wash Your Hands Signs and Handwashing Posters show how to wash your hands properly. And we also have unique signs to help remind people to wear a Face Mask and to keep Social Distance.